Our regulations


Règlements de la clinique Humani à Rosemère, Laval, Blainville


Humani is a private medical clinic staffed by general practitioners who have chosen not to be regulated by the Régie de l'Assurance Maladie du Québec (RAMQ). In legal terms, these physicians have opted out of the RAMQ, and their services are billed to patients directly and are not reimbursed by the government of Québec. The fee schedule is posted at the Clinic and a receipt will be provided upon payment.

Please bring to your appointement a list of any medications and/or natural products you may be taking and please make sure to communicate any allergies.

Please note that all general practioners at the Humani Clinic have your health at heart. However, their professional independence remains the same although patients are billed privately.

Notice of non-participation

To the beneficiaries of the health insurance plan

I declare that I am a non-participating professional to the Quebec health care plan. As a consequence, I cannot request payment for my services from the Quebec Health care plan (RAMQ). If you want to receive professional services provided by me, you need to pay the cost of such services to me directly. As a consequence, you will not be able to ask nor receive any refund from the RAMQ for those services that are normally covered by the plan and that you will have paid to me..

This notice complies with the Health Insurance Act (R.S.Q, c. A-29) and regulations.

Les conditions à la clinique Humani Rosemère, Laval, Blainville

Our service policy

  • The Humani clinic does not offer follow-ups for pregnancies.
  • Walk-in visits are accepted for a single health concern. Otherwise, a yearly visit may be suggested instead.
  • The Humani Clinic offers blood and urine taking services on site. It also offers referral services for both the public and private health care system. Patients are free to choose whichever service suits them better.
  • A fee of $ 75 will be charged to any cancellation of appointments within a shorter time than 24 hours. Upon confirmation of the appointment made, the appointment is considered valid and requires a minimum 24 hours notice to cancel.